A relaxing stroll around The Mall

    Like many historic cities, the best way to see Armagh City is on foot, from its hilltop cathedrals and narrow city streets, to its open Demesne and historic ancient fortress.
    And nowhere is better for kick starting your walking tour of Irelands oldest city, than at The Mall.
    Originally used as a horse racing track and various other activities deemed too “unsavoury” for a city aiming to rival Belfast and Dublin.
    It was rebranded in 1794 when Archbishop Newcome developed the people’s park when he ordered a walkway be built around its parameter.
    While the raucous pursuits such as fist fights, cock fights, bull-baiting and all activities thought unbecoming to a modern day city were banned, football and cricket were allowed to continue and to this day The Mall is home to Armagh Cricket Club.
    Saturday afternoons can be whiled away on a bench overlooking the ground or sat in the Cricket Club Pavilion with a refreshing beverage.
    A multi-million pound facelift in the last decade has really made The Mall a haven for walkers, joggers and anyone looking to idol their time away and people watch.
    The Mall is also home to many points of interest within and along its 1.08 kilometre circumference and nowhere is this highlighted more than on the northern entrance from the Portadown Road.
    Passing The Planetarium down College Hill to the the Royal Irish Fusiliers Museum. Crossing the road brings you to The Mall’s most northerly point which is home to the war memorial faces directly onto Armagh’s County Court.
    One of The Mall’s unwritten rules, which you will notice if you decide to sit a while and watch the passersby, is that most of its users will walk or jog around it anti-clockwise (there is no explanation for this).
    Walking along Mall West, you will begin to pass under The Mall’s many chestnut trees which overhang the walkway.
    The view from Rokeby Green, at Mall West, is dominated to the right by Armagh’s St Patrick’s RC Cathedral. This area is also home to many local businesses which take up residence in the Georgian style buildings which still line the Mall.
    College Street and Russell Street add access to Armagh’s main shopping area from this section of Mall West.
    At this point a pathway cuts across the Mall towards Mall East. Central to this pathway is the Mall’s famous bugler statue. This war memorial is in remembrance to some of the fallen soldiers from Royal Irish Fusiliers during the Boer war.
    Another of the Mall’s landmarks is situated in front of the Boer War Memorial and takes the shape of a Crimean War iron canon facing towards Mall South.
    Moving on past the pathway, on the right hand side of the street, stands Armagh’s First Presbyterian Church. In a skyline dominated by Armagh’s two cathedrals, this Presbyterian Church can be seen centrally and sits adjacent to this is Armagh’s Gospel Hall.
    Moving along halfway down Mall West, you will come to the Armagh Cricket Club Pavilion. The Pavilion was built on the Mall to accommodate cricket and rugby clubs in 1964.

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