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Armagh Astropark

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel through the solar system and beyond? At Armagh Observatory’s Astropark you can do just that in their scale model of the Universe.
Within their landscaped grounds, stainless steel models of our planets demonstrate how small our planet really is compared with some of it’s neighbouring worlds. The steel planets are dwarfed by the arch representing the Sun.
The park also contains a ‘Hyper-Cube’, which is an exhibit demonstrating the ideology used to fit the immensity of the Cosmos into a tiny part of Armagh.
Transport yourself into deepest space, climb the ‘Hill of Infinity‘ away from our familiar planets of our Solar System and the significant landmarks of our Milky Way are marked along paved lines. Atop of the hill, you have reached the outer edges of the Universe.
At the top stand in our stone circle and admire the view across the city of Armagh. The circle is a modern addition of its ancient counterparts, a simple functioning astronomical calculator as well as a beautiful piece of public art.
A must see for anyone with the slightest interest in the universe around us.

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