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Lurgan Park

Lurgan Public Park is Northern Ireland’s largest urban park and, after Phoenix Park in Dublin, is the second largest public park in Ireland.
Hosting upward of 2000 visitors daily, the landscaped parkland contains a number of paths, which provide an ideal location for walking and running.
Lurgan Real Property Company bought the demesne during the 1840s. They cut down a majority of the timber from the “Great Avenue” planted during the Jacobean war, and gave it to the residents of Lurgan.
It was then later sold to Lurgan Borough Council in 1893 for £2,000 and it was opened as a Public Park in 1909 by Lord Aberdeen.
Currently there is an active “Friends of the Park” group, who all take a great interest in the goings on in the park. They meet every month in the Gate Lodge and always welcome new members.

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