Armagh Road Bowls

    The sport of Road Bowls dates back to the 17th century and was first determined when players were given twenty shots (a score) each and the winner determined by who went the greatest distance.
    Though the modern game is a fixed distance in fewest shots, the expression “score” for a match survives.
    According to the rules the road bowler throws a 28-ounce cast- iron ball called a ‘bowl’ in County Cork, but in County Armagh fans call it a ‘bullet’.
    Road bowling is technically difficult, yet it’s an inexpensive sport requiring only a road that provides the course and the bullet itself. It has very ancient origins in the County of Armagh.
    Whilst popular in many Irish counties and as far afield as Germany, the most vigorous competitions are in the two Irish counties of Armagh and Cork.
    Road bowling in Ireland is governed by the voluntary Irish Road Bowling Association.
    The Current All-Ireland Intermediate Champion is Armagh’s Cathal Toal who was crowned champion in Whitechurch in July ’13.
    Red’ Joe McVeigh (1925–90) of Armagh is renowned for his several All-Ireland titles in the 1950s. He famously broke the record for the famous Knappagh course just outside Armagh, completing it in 22 shots.
    The record still stands today, and a commemorative headstone is placed at the roadside to acknowledge his achievement.

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