Armagh Franciscan Friary

    The ruins of the Armagh Franciscan Friary still stand, after some 750 years, at the entrance to the Palace Demesne Public Park on the Friary Road.
    The Friary was founded in 1268 by Archbishop Patrick O’ Scannail and at the time had many important patrons within the city.
    Two empty graves and two tomb recesses near the east side are a reminder of some of the patrons buried in the Friary Church, including Gormlaith O’Donnell, wife of Domhnail O’Neill in 1353.
    In terms of religious life in the city, the Franciscans played an integral part until 1542 with the dissolution of the monasteries under Henry VIII.
    Some religious life continued for the Friary on a smaller scale, but the buildings were involved in welfare later in the 16th Century and were ruined by 1600.
    Today the remains of the Friary are preserved in the public park with access around the clock.

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